[Build-common-hackers] Tired of financial pyramids?

Lucas rtlibilyebrdl@rocketmail.com
Mon, 28 Jun 2004 21:11:54 +0000

<P>Many people doubts of an opportunity of fast enrichment. But I'm 
convinced<BR>of the opposite. The main problem is to lay down for itself the aim 
and to<BR>start to move to it. I ask you to pay attention to the project with 
which I<BR>recently had explored: <A 
<P>This site is some kind of economic stock market game simulator for 
real<BR>money. You are offered to buy ventures of one or several programmes at 
the<BR>cost they have at present and to sell them back to organizers of the 
project<BR>at the price which will be later. At first sight it seems like a 
usual<BR>financial pyramid or HYIP, however at more careful examination we 
understand<BR>that this project is really unique and the foremost - honest. 
Organizers<BR>named it 'Venture Programmes'.</P>
<P>Differences and advantages:</P>
<P>Firstly, it is well known how the organizers profit is formed. Their 
income<BR>is formed by writing off a commission, from 0.5% to 1%, from the 
amount of<BR>each transaction of purchasing or selling venture programmes' 
<P>Secondly, you can purchase ventures or sell it back to organizers at 
<P>Thirdly, organizers offers three venture programmes. You can choose 
from<BR>them depending on your opportunities and the strategy. You can choose 
the<BR>programme with higher profit and accordingly more risky or stable 
programme<BR>with moderate profit.</P>
<P>Fourthly, you can monitor changes in ventures cost in real-time mode 
and<BR>independently make a decision: "to hold", "to purchase" or "to sell". 
Thus<BR>you and only you form the investment portfolio as the professional 
trader at<BR>a stock exchange.</P>
<P>And finally, they have the great 5th level affiliate program. For 
every<BR>transaction made by your referral you will receive from 1 to 50 
percents of<BR>the Gelios Ltd. income (i.e. commission from the amount of 
<P>There is still a great deal of advantages of this project, but don't 
you<BR>think it will be better to look at the site by yourself right<BR>now? <A