[Build-common-hackers] build dep and indep package with cdbs

Arnaud Vandyck avdyk@debian.org
Tue, 02 Mar 2004 22:42:11 +0100



We are thinking about providing native compiled java packages in
Debian. I'd like to know if it's possible to use CDBS to build arch-dep
and indep package with CDBS *in the same build process*.

A *single* source package would build to binary packages (one arch-dep
and one arch-indep). The first would be binary package with a shared
library (.so) and the second one would be a java shared library (.jar)

I'd like to move kaffe from dbs to cdbs. Kaffe has (well, will have) an
arch-dep and arch-indep package. Will it be possible to use CDBS to
build the two packages?

If these things are possible, can someone point me to an example or some
documentation about this?

Many thanks for your time,


PS: You got to know that CDBS is already used in many java packages with
    a great succes!

 : :' :rnaud
 `. `'  

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