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Bernard Obranama Udu reliance_project@z6.com
Fri, 5 Mar 2004 15:41:00 +0100

Dear Partner=2C

We are a team of Government officials that belongs to a committee in 
the Presidential Cabinet as well as the Senate=2E At the moment=2C we are in 
need of a very vast businessman or trader who will be capable of 
handling our investments offshore=2E Based on a recommendation from an 
associate concerning you=2C we deemed it necessary to contact you accordingly=2E

All arrangements in relation to this initiative=2C as well as the Initial  
Capital for this has been tactically set aside to start off whatever 
good business or venture you may draw up a proposal on=2E  We request you 
immediately contact us if you will be favourably disposed to act as a 
partner in this venture=2C and possibly will afford us the opportunity to 
discuss whatever proposal you may come up with=2E Also bear in mind that 
the initial capital that we shall send across will not exceed 
$13=2C731=2C000USD =28Thirteen Million=2C Seven Hundred & Thirty One Thousand Dollars=29 =2E So whatever areas of 
investment your proposal shall cover=2C please it should be within the set 
aside capital=2E

Please note that all discussions as well as our communication will be 
done via the Internet if we are satisfied with your person as our 
partner=2E In this regard=2C the proposal you may wish to discuss with us should 
be comprehensive enough for our better understanding=3B therefore=2C we 
advice that you focus on the following=3A

1=2E=09The tax obligation in your country
2=2E=09The initial capital base required in a Limited as well as=3A
3=2E=09The legal technicalities in setting up a business in your country 
            with foreigners as share-holders
4=2E=09The most convenient and secured mode of receiving the funds without 
             our direct involvement=2E
5=2E=09The profit margin of the suggested business

Another area that we wish to give you an insight of is the area of 
Incorporation=2E Since we are the owners of the funds=2C we shall incorporate 
the business here=2C and this will assist us in the long run to instruct 
for the remittance of the set aside Capital to you without any suspicion 
from any quarter of our direct involvement=2C and also should we intend 
to get established in our country it will appear here as an already 
Incorporated company with you overseas=2E

The commencement of this project is based on your ability to convince 
us of the need to invest in the business and to trust your personality 
and status=2E

We await your response via email or telephone  number below=2E


Bernard Obranama

=28Chairman Senate Committee on Banks and Currency=29
          +234 802 827 9264