[Build-common-hackers] From Salem Fakari

salemelfakari@handbag.com salemelfakari@handbag.com
Thu, 7 Oct 2004 12:03:11 -0700

FROM: Mr. Salem El Fakari,
 Dear Friend,
 Am confidentially contacting you and I know it will sound as a joke to
you but it is real, my name is Mr. Salem El Fakari, the Principal Partner=

in AL ETKAN Contracting & Real Estate Investments Company a Lybian based
Estate management Specilized in turn key projects for building & hanger
 AL ETKAN is newly established share holder company with capital of 1,000=
Libayn Dinar. The company managment and engineers were working previuosly=

under Tasharkiat system and excuting projects as sub-contract. The compan=
since its estabilishment have established MOU with major international co=
to provide back-up for any technological know-how.
 If you wish to know more about me I will be happy to refer you to my com=
 But since the establishment of this company we have never been allowed
to expand to other countries due to law restricting the movement of money=

out of Libyan. 
I have interest to invest in your conutry, atleast for expansion after ch=
 your profile I came to conclusion that you will be reliable base on your=

profile,so for that I decide to contact you for your assistance to move
 some fund out of my country for outside investment. In this regard I wil=
need your assistance tobe able to move this fund out of my country.
All I want you to do is to send to as soon as possible your full name, yo=
company's name and address with your private phone number, with your bank=

account information if you are affraid you can open new account with (ZER=
 Once I receive this informations from you I will prepare a document from=

my company, presenting you as our foreign supplier of Raw Materials we us=
for building, and that our company is owing you $20,000,000, after whichy=
name will be forwarded to our bank to remit $20 Million into your account=
Please this is confidentialand should be kept confidential between you an=
 I hope the interest am reposing on you willnot be ignored.
 I await your urgent and favourable response.
 Thank you and may Allah bless you.
 Mr. Salem El Fakari

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