[Build-common-hackers] Secret Of Sudan

Prince.Oliver Metsu olive11sudan@atlas.cz
Tue, 14 Sep 2004 17:23:15 +0200

Dearest One,

I desperately pray hard for this message to reach you successfully in=20
good health and good mood to assist me without delay=2E

I am Prince=2EOliver Metsu A Black Sudanese Christian from the War torn=
and Rebell control Territory of Sudan, North of Darfur Region=2Eand the=
United Nation has tried all their possible best to restore peace and=20
Tranquility in our Region but the Pro-Government Millitias popularly kn=
own as (ARAB JANJAWEED) has continue to kill,maim and rape Innocent=20
civilians without any sound security measures from the U=2EN and the Su=
danese Government to stop the Abuse of Human rights=2E

Due to this Crisis, my father and mother were killed because my father=20
tried to stop the rebells from raping my mother and thet shot him at=20
the leg and later shot him at the Chest and he slumped (May their souls=
rest in Peace); I was able to escape with my two surving sisters for ou=
temporal stay in Ghana while i continue my search for oversea person=20
who will help me claim my Family Fortune from one security company here=
in Ghana=2E

Before my late fathers death and also at the eve of the crisis in my=20
country he revealed to me that he had Deposited with a security Company=
in Ghana the Sum of $10 Million Only, and his money was made Genuinely=20
from his Oil Transactions with some British Oil Explorers back in the=20
late 1970`s till his untimely death this january in he hands of this=20
rebells=2E I can not trace any of his old friends to help me because th=
Rebells burnt our funiture and oher house hold untensils including file=

Me and my sister received a wonderful and gloriouse help from a staff o=
UNHCR in Republic of Chad and she ensured that we arrived Acra ghana=20
safely and this happened and God will forever be merciful to her and he=

 I wish to hear favourably from you in regards to this URGENT MESSAGE=20
so that I will pass further means of claiming this consignment=2E

Thanks and I wait your Divine Answer=2E

Yours Son,
Prince=2E Oliver Metsu
Accra Ghana=2E=20
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