[Build-common-hackers] FROM:WEST CHARLES K. IDAHOSA.

WEST CHARLES KONAN westidahosa@web-mail.com.ar
Wed, 15 Sep 2004 02:17:56 -0600

PLEASE REPLY TO:westidahosa@web-mail.com.ar

  I am Mr.West Charles K.Idahosa, the Head of the Account
Department of Liberia Petroleum Refining Corporation. 
My country is currently at war and everyone is already
looking for where to run to. The United States
government has ordered our President (Charles Taylor)
to leave the country and he is currently in Nigeria.

I am currently taking refuge 
in Lagos also. I have deposited the sum of
$25,000,000.00 in a finance and security company in
Europe.  Because the current situation requires all of
us that have served this government to go into exile.
I would need an urgent assistance to help me move the
money where it is presently deposited,to a safe
account to secure the future of my family. 

I am ready to go into negotiations with you regarding
what percentage of the money should go to you while
you would also help in investing and managing the
fund.My family and I, will also appreciate any help
you may offer in helping us to come over to your
country to settle after this transaction has finally
been transferred.

The area I urgently need your assistance is to help me
move the money from where it was deposited to your
country for investment. 

I would expect that all aspects of the dealing be
conducted with trust and absolute confidentiality.
Please contact me urgently for further clarification.
Thank you again for the kind attention and God bless


West Charles K.Idahosa