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Rasheed Mohammed Rasheed Mohammed <senrasheed1960@mail.ru>
Fri, 24 Sep 2004 04:24:31 +0400

FROM: Senator Rasheed Mohammed.
REPLY TO:senhammed@netscape.net

My name is Senator Rasheed Mohammed, the chairman of the Senate committee=
 on pension,insurance and manpower development in the National Assembly o=
f the Federal Republic  of  Nigeria. I am writing you to earnestly Solici=
t for your assistance in helping to receive some sum of money into your a=
ccount for safe keeping. I got your e-mail address through an internet ma=
rketing firm while searching for a reliable and reputable person to handl=
e this transaction.


We have the sum of  Twenty-Nine Million Dollars that we intend to transfe=
r overseas through the assistance of a foreign partner.This money came as=
 a result of Over provision in the budget for unclaimed pension and accid=
ent insurance. This over provision was done by my committee, but all paym=
ents have been made to beneficiaries leaving behind the over budgeted amo=
unt as stated above which is deposited in the Nigeria Deposit Insurance B=

I have agreed to transfer the funds overseas for my campaign funding, pri=
vate use and for=20
investment purposes with your help. I am contacting you therefore, to sta=
nd in as the beneficiary to process this fund into your custody. As soon =
as you consent to this I will immediately send you titled documents to th=
e fund in your name so you can make claim for it.

I will provide you with 30% for assisting us and 10% to be set aside for =
reimbursement, for expenses that may arise during the process of concludi=
ng the transaction. The fund shall be transferred to you legally in accor=
dance to all laid down procedures governing transfer of funds to foriegn =
contractors. I have perfected all modalities for the successful transfer =
of this money to you as the beneficiary all you need to do is to make cla=
ims to it.

Finally, I have to reassure you that this transaction is 100% risk free a=
nd should be kept=20
absolutely confidential because of my present position in the government.=
 Presently, you can reach me by return mail, you should also include your=
 telephone numbers if any, for secured communication between us. Please s=
end an email to me  to indicate your interest to enable us proceed.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.I await your response. Also No=
te that we need to conclude this transaction before the end of next month=
 as the government are currently paying foriegn contractors on last years=

Best Regards

Senator Rasheed Mohammed.