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Wed Aug 17 04:44:10 UTC 2005

Hello Dear,

I am Dr John Kell, Member Banking Council of South Africa and Head,
Audit Department of Imperial Bank (IBSA) here in Johannesburg,South
Africa. I would like to intimate you with certain facts that I believe would
be of interest to you. A customer of international repute (name
withheld for security reasons) had an investment fund to the tune of
$48,000.000.00 millions dollars and placed under our Bank's Reserve Trust
Account years back.The circumstances surrounding the investment made by this
client who is now deceased is not yet known.During the course of my
investigations and routine auditing,I discovered the above amount in an
account that has remained dormant for close to 5 yrs now.

Further investigations revealed that this investment fund has so far
remained dormant for the above period and the banking ethics here
stipulate that such funds if unclaimed for the said period would be reverted
to their coffers.With the very strong feeling that this is going to be the
case since there is no known fact about his relatives or associates to lay
claim to the said fund. So far I have already developed a foolproof, legal
and totally risk free means through which the fund can be released to you
within a very shortest possible time after due documentation and
authentication processes.

I have the mandate to conduct the (Certification and Validation
Exercise) CVE in compliance with the current financial regulation of the
North America/EU Commission on Investments and Future Authority. I have
commenced the verification of the base funds source to screen and
authenticate certain documentations that will accompany the payment advice
if need arises.

The strategy to achieve this dream is to use my position and influence
as the Head of the department and being the only one aware of this fund
to fix you in with the power of Letter of Administration as the
beneficiary of the fund.I am giving you an assurance that all
local/international modalities for the successful completion of this within
the shortest possible time depending on your agreement and speedy response
to proceed with me as the required assistance is perfected to be totally

I expect your positive response.In the alternative,you can reach me on
Phone +878-763-591545.

Best Regards,


Head Of Auditing.

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