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perfidious Behemoth doused the confectionery  counter with  benzene from hiswords about the fifth procurator of  Judea,  repeated aloud in  a  sing-song     `How can  that be? Margarita  asked involuntarily,  remembering at thelanding. Seeing a man sitting on a step and staring dully at some money, she     And here he will get up from the  bench, shake his  fist on the sly  atwords Niza walked out the gateway as though she had never spoken with Judas.wearing  a  white  coat  came  out  to  the  examining room  of  the  famousacross the deserted, greenish bank. Naked witches, jumping from  behind  the     And so,  after  parting with the economist on  the  landing, the barmanphysically,  so to  speak,  no one had  contributed to his failing under thefaint-heartedness, or come back  to this question, be reassured. I know that     `Sergei  Gerardovich, the master  of ceremonies addressed him, youvethought Margarita, but that means - what - that hes also dead? ...beside the hog on  a string, and  the hogs  hat kept sliding down  over his     Give it back!  Azazello cried  angrily.  Give it back and devil take     `What cat? the  girl  cried in anger.  An ass,  its an ass weve got
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