[Build-common-hackers] F.r.e.e mentor

tc77muk at yahoo.com tc77muk at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 25 15:59:55 UTC 2005

Want a f.r.e.e. mentor to show you how to get more
than 20 paid members a week?

All you need is a targeted lea.ds dbase of people
to start filling your down_line within weeks. We
can supply special dbases with a minimum of 10,000
people that have been in business with other
similar programs as yours and help/show you how to
get_20_paid_members from it.

When you buy the responsive lea_ds from us we will
email them, reply to them and close all your join_
ups on the spot. You don't do a thing apart from
watch and learn as part of the tutoring process
and then copy us to get more joinups each week.

This dbase and after sales service will cost you
no more than $149USD for which we write your
adcopy, send your emails and close each and every

Some of our clients are experiencing over 1000
responses from their lists and we can close up to
35% of them for you, subject to the type of
business or program you operate. 

So to recap, pay $159USD once off. We will set up
your adcopy, send your emails and respond to
interested parties and close them for you. From
this experience you will be able to do it yourself
the following weeks.

Join other people that are getting 20 signups a

For some more information send me an email to:

yourmentor at tiscali.co.uk - please put your
business URL in the subject and your name

We reserve the right to refuse accounts for
businesses that don't meet with our strict

If you got this email in error or want to be
deleted please email send a delete request to
the above address with "delete" in the subject.

Many Thanks

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