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Snjezana Jessup jesesnjezan at bicnet.net
Thu Dec 15 10:34:52 UTC 2005

mbien  (30)
vitra (30)
ma    (30)
LlUM  (30)
ALlS  (30)
nax   (30)
AGRA  (30)
 - $120
 - $166
 - $76
 - $86
 - $170
 - $124
 - $135
miles away from Washington. It was always a little stifling for me here.
It wasnt when you saw me off on that plane to Hong Kong five years ago.
Youd put together half the equation by then. That was easier. It was a
down-and-dirty D.C. operation that had the smell of rotten halibut, so
rotten it offended my nostrils. This is different; this is Carlos. Thats
my point, Alex. It is Carlos, not a voice over the telephone neither of
us knew. Were dealing with a known quantity, someone predictable-
Predictable? broke in Conklin, frowning. Thats also crazy. In what way?
Hes the hunter. Hell follow a scent. Hell examine it first with a very
experienced nose, then check the
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