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vivian_williams2@terra.com.mx vivian_williams2@terra.com.mx
Fri, 4 Feb 2005 12:44:15 +0100

From: Mrs. Vivian Williams
Abidjan Cote d`Ivoire.


Dearest One,

Greetings. I know you will be surprised to read From me, but please this
letter is a business request from me in dire need of urgent assistance.
Meanwhile, I am Vivian Williams from Angola. The wife Of Brigadier Edward=

Willaiams communicating to you from cote d?ivoire.

However,I got your contact information when I was carrying out a serious
search for a honest and reliable foreign partner who can handle this tran=
for our mutual benefit and joint venture business which I have found in
you based on the sincere recommendation made about you being a very compe=
and successful business minded person one can do trust worthy business wi=
by the above-mentioned source.

And I decided to solicit for your assistance to stand in as our nominated=

Foreign Partner and collect the sum of $21.4million ( twenty one Million
four hundred thousand United States Dollars),inherited from my late husba=
died in the civil war in Angola).

Before my husbands death, he was the Brigadier in charge of arms, ammunit=
procurement for the Angolan Army. In his quote He specifically draw my at=
to the $ 21.4 million (twenty one million four hundred thousand UsDollars=
which he deposited in a safe box with a Security and safe deposit Company=

in Abidjan cote d?ivoire in Africa.

In fact I quote the message to you: my wife, I wish to draw your attentio=
to the USD 21.4m (twenty one Million four hundred thousand Dollars),I dep=
as "ART WORKS" belonging to a foreign partner. During the war, I was very=

dedicated and committed to winning the war against the rebels until I fou=
out that Senior Army Officers and Government Functionaries were busy help=
themselves with Government funds and properties, sending them to foreign

Due to this, when I and the former Special Adviser to the President were
assigned by President Jose Eduardo Santos to Purchase arms in France, we
saw this as a golden opportunity to divert the money. And so when we shar=
the money,I got a total sum of USD 21.4million.

In case of my absence on earth as a result of death, you alone should sol=
for the assistance of a competent and sincere foreign partner, to assist
you to collect and transfer this money out of Abidjan for an investment
purpose for the family future survival.I deposited the trunk box in a sec=
and safe deposit company in favour of a foreign partner who alone can cla=
it from the security company with my son as the next of kin with the depo=
code. Take good care of our kids, Do not disappoint me this is the agreem=
certificate and deposit documents and key to the trunk box. Bye for now!

>From this word of my late husband, you will realize that the lives and th=
future of my entire family depends on this Funds. As such, I will be grat=
if you can assist me to evacuate this fund out of Abidjan I am presently
living in Abidjan coted?Ivoire, on Political Asylum status. And the finan=
laws and regulations of Abidjan do not confer on us with certain financia=
rights. In view of this, therefore I cannot invest this fund in Abidjan.

Hence,it is in this aspect that I seek your assistance and the assistance=

is very urgent needed by me for the consignment had at the moment start
accruen Demurrage for it's Deposit period had recently Expire.If you will=

accept to assist me,for your effort,I am prepared to offer you 15% of the=

total funds while 5% will be set a side for expenses incurred in the cour=
of this transaction. Take note also that, this transaction is 100% risk-f=
and that the major thing I demand from you is to assure me trust and the
safety of this money when it finally gets to you.

Further information and arrangement will commence as soon as trust, confi=
and good relationship is established. I shall be most grateful and apprec=
if you could maintain confidentiality in this matter.

Please Kindly confirm your acceptance of this Request so that we can disc=
the modalities of seeing this transaction through. I count on you greatly=

for your assistance.

I wait for your favourable responce.


Vivian Williams.

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