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Tue, 22 Feb 2005 03:30:58 -0800

Solicitors At Law
Legal Practitioners, Consultants
Advocate, and chartered Solicitors.
25 Idowo Taylor street
Victoria Island-Lagos
Phone Number: +44 7040106362

Mutual benefit of $31,500,000 M.
Strictly Confidential.

How do you do?

It is with great confidence that I send this message to seek our consent
and partnership; I am Barrister Ahmed Hassan Umoru Esq, presently in UK
for medical treatment.
I want you to receive trapped $31,500,000 M. I am the Attorney
to late General Sanni Abacha family, the former Nigeria Head of State who
died few years ago. The present Government have intensified probe into Abacha
looted funds and they arrested His son Ibrahim for conspiracy to sabotage,
I battle with my associates to get him out on bail, while the case is still
pending he was placed on house arrest. 

Ibrahim Abacha, the eldest son of Abacha, gave me the mandate to convert
their landed properties to cash, The sale of the properties have accrued
$31.5 m, This cash is Currently  an account with the Broker firm in Switzerland
who helped to complete the sale of the Properties. The only way that I will
move the cash out is the
reason why I am contacting you to receive this cash, you will provide me
your information, I will send them to the bank, they will use your information
to open a domiciliary account and deposit the fund into the account in your
name, the bank will then send you the documents through courier service
to enable you clear the cash in your country,
I have made all arrangements down a format that will not course breach of
the law,
there no risk involved you should send your complete information with phone
numbers immediately. In 5 working days from the day I received the information
your bank will be credited.

Although we have not meet before, I got your contact from VIP files in the
internet believing that you are cable to handle to handle this magnitude
of cash, I want to up-hold the trust and confident I reposed in you.

We share the cash 50% percent each; both parties will share any expenses
that will occur equally. I am waiting for your urgent reply.

I hereby refer u to this site below:

Yours faithfully,
Barrister Hassan Ahmed Umoru.

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