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Fri, 14 Jan 2005 06:44:57 +0100


Good day, and best wishes of the day with all honour and due respesct.I
am Mr.Phillip Mark, the Accountant General of a Bank in Africa.I humbly
request your kindest assistance in the transfer of money amounting to 
$35.000,000.00 in my bank. On June. 1994, an oil consultant/contractor wi=
the oil ministry, Mr.Alfred .C Walker, he made a fixed deposit of U.S $35=

million dollars in my bank. We sent a routine notification to his forward=
address but got no reply.
After a month, we sent a remind errand;finally his employers wrote to inf=
us that Mr.Alfred died in an automobile accident, that he died without ma=
a will while our attempt to investigate his next of kin proved fruitless
only God knows why he made it this way.When he was making deposition in
my bank, he did not declare his next of kin in his deposit application fo=
when I reminded him he said he wished it so,
in the conservative manner of our bank, I did not turn down his request
rather honor it considering his net worth. The point is that his employer=
are not aware of his deposit with us;therefore I am the only person who
knows about Mr. Alfred?s deposit of $35,000,000.00which i would not like
to disclose to the overnment,which is now lying in a dormant
account portfolio.
I am looking forward for a reliable foreigner who will stand or assist wi=
good heart and trust as the next of kin to Mr. Alfred.I have worked out
modalities of achieving my aim by appointing you as the next of kin,
as well as transfer the $35,000,000.00 abroad for us toshare. I will use
an attorney who will represent you as the beneficiary to series of affida=
in support of your claim including certificate of origin of the money,pow=
of attorney, which empowers you as the sole trustee/executive to the esta=
of Alfred. Please note that you may not
be required to sign any transfer document as the appointed attorney will
do all, if you are not able to come over.If you agree to act as the next
of kin/beneficiary to enable me transfer/convert the money to our enefit
I will give you 30% of total amount while 5% will take care of any unfore=
expenses may incurred in the course of concluding this transaction.
I am urgently and confidentially waiting for your earliest response.

Thanks and God bless,

Mr. Phillip Mark.(Accountant General)