[Build-common-hackers] Dear Sir,

gamboidris4@o2.pl gamboidris4@o2.pl
Fri, 14 Jan 2005 20:43:35 +0100

Dear Sir,

Good day and how are you today and your family, hope fine.

I am Mr. Gambo Idris. I am sorry if I have intruded on your privacy or barged on you without your permission. I have a very rewarding business offer which I will want us to be involved in together with all trust, confidentiality and good brotherliness.

I was a member of the organizing committee of the just concluded "ALL AFRICAN GAMES" which was organized and hosted by Nigeria but before now I have been the director of sports in the Federal Ministry of Sports. We were appointed over 3 years ago to supervise the building of the ultra modern Abuja National Stadium, putting in place all equipments needed for the completion of the stadium which is acclaimed to be one of the best in the world today and hosting the games. This project cost the government of Nigeria Millions of dollars. 

Today the project has been completed commissioned and used for the hosting of the All African Games and all equipments put in place. The accounts have been rendered to the government satisfactorily and we have received commendations for a job well done. During the construction, planning and execution of this project, I was able to make some money, which was kept in an escrow account from where contractors were paid and materials purchsed until the project is completed.

To my amazement late last year I discovered that this money has reached an astonishing (FIFTEEN MILLION SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) 

.I am at a cross road now because I can not claim this money in my name as I have declared it a contractors money while depositing it, secondly as a government worker the civil service code of conduct does not allow me to own or operate a domiciliary account with such a huge amount on it due to the credit ceiling on savings. All I want you to do is to assist me in clearing this amount from the bank while standing as one of the foreign contractors who have executed projects but has not been paid and on whose behalf I have made the deposit. 

On the payment of this money to you as the contractor I will come to meet with you so that we can both sit down and discuss further what kind of business we will enter into or if need be expand your already existing business, talk on the interests we will get on our investments.Please feel free to indicate what you will take from this amount, as this is very important to us before we commence proceedings.

I will tell you more about this when I hear from you. I will give you every detail and what you are to do. Please also i want you to send me your full contact address to enable me contact you by your Mobile Telephone and Fax numbers and please do not let anybody know even your friend's ontill the fund comes into your Account ok.

I wait to hear from you.