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ALIYU AHMED JNR. aliyu_ahmedjnr1@hotmail.com
Tue, 18 Jan 2005 08:39:56 +0400

Good day=2C
 I know this letter will come to you as a surprise=3B But this letter is borne out Of my desire to establish a mutual business Relationship with you=2C please keep it confidential! I am Mr=2E Aliyu Ahmed the son of Dr Ibrahim Ahmed the former deputy finance minister under the ousted civilian government in Sierra Leone=2E My father was killed and mutilated by the military junta led by Major Paul Koroma after over throwing the elected government of President Tejan Kabba=2EThough=2C I do not know to what extent you are familiar with events disturbances in Sierra Leone=2C but the=2C pressure of war drove me and my mother out of Sierra Leone into exile in South Africa=2E Where we have been living under political asylum for three years=2E Sadly=2C my mother died of cancer three =5B3=5D months ago and was buried here in South Africa=2E Prior to her death=2C she handed over to me a certificate meant for a secret deposit which my father made in security=2Ffinance company in South Africa=2E This deposit is worth =5BUS $ 10=2E000=2E000=2E00=5D ten Million United States Dollars only=2E And this money is in cash=2E My father made this deposit in the heat of the conflict then in my country=2C with the hope to convert it=5Bmoney=5D to his personal use at the end of the war=2C unfortunately he was killed when the conflict intensified as result of his opposition to the rebel forces=2E After my mother's funeral=2C I contacted the security company to confirm this deposit and establish ownership as well made an arrangement for this deposit to be moved through diplomatic channel to United Arab Emirates Presently=2C this sum of U=2ES$10=2C000=2C000=2E00 =28ten million dollars=29 is currently being deposited in a security vault in Dubai=2E I am seeking for your honest and sincere participation in the retrievement and reinvestment of this money=2E I cannot do it alone due to my complete ignorance of the business world=2C more over I am only 27 years old I will give you a negotiable percentage of the principal sum in deposit if you assist me to retrieve and reinvest this money in any profitable area of business in your country=2E Please=2C I need your assistance urgently=2C because the more this consignment is still with the company=2C the more the demurrage accumulates=2E Contact me through the same email address=2E God Bless You=2C Thanks you=2E 
Aliyu Ahmed Jnr=2E