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Fri, 21 Jan 2005 10:23:13 +0100

IKOYI,P.M.B 127011,

Dear: Sir ,

It is my pleasure to contact you for assistance and business

I know the content of this letter might be surprising to you. But I
assure you that every word of it is true. Even though we hardly know
each other I believe you can help me.

I am DR. OBA KOSOKO, The President of a special task force in charge
of the sales of petroleum products in the Federal Republic of Nigeria
in West Africa. My office monitors the sales and lifting of crude oil and
product by foreign dealers. With the cooperation of my
assistant and head of the audit committee attached to the task force,I
have successfully saved about $38.6 million US Dollars.
This money is as a result of allocation of excess crude oil to the
foreign dealers, which has been sold but which money is not entered in
the financial statement of my task force.

This money is now lying unclaimed in the account of the task force,
know only to my partners and me involved in the excess allocation.
However, the legislators of the new democratic government of my country

have set up a panel to look into the past activities of some government

companies and parastatals. We do not want the panel to discover the
money we saved. We cannot lodge this money into our private bank

In my country, public servants are not permitted to operate any account

in excess of $500,000 U. S Dollars. Now the idea is to have a foreign
partner whom the sum will be transferred to. We have concluded
arrangement to transfer this money to your private bank account.if you
permit us to use it.

All you have to do is to send me your private address, phone and fax
lines and banking particulars I will send you the details of the
transfer and necessary document as soon as you provide them.
If you can assist us transfer this money out before the panel starts
work, we will give 30% of the amount for your assistance needed in this

transaction. You will keep the remaining sum for us pending our arrival

to your country. We intend to invest 50% of the sum in business with
your knowledge and past experience your advice will be highly needed
for the investment.

We would want to know the lucrative business areas in your country we
can invest on with the 50% of the sum. Don't worry about any problem in

this business. I assure it is safe and no risk is involved.
No other party is aware of the sum from the excess allocation except my

partner and me. However, this transaction should be secret and

We awaits your reply on this transaction. Time is of great essence to us.
For any further
information reach me through my email.



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