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Fri, 1 Jul 2005 07:07:51 -0700

Dear Sir, 
My name is Mr. MAMMA FRANK an administrative officer of a finance Firm,
I am writing this letter regarding a proposal which I would like to present
to you for your support and Assistance from you to carry out a business
of mutual Benefit and concern. I know you might be wondering why I am Writing
you with a request such as these but I only urge You to read on. 
Pending in our vault is a numbered time fixed deposit Belonging to Late
Mr.Morris Thompson an American client of our Bank and also the former president
and chief executive officer of Doyon Ltd Native Corporation in America.
 Late Mr. Morris Thompson deposited the sum of $9.500 Million dollars. In
our bank some years back, Late Mr. Morris Thompson lost his life in an AIRLINE
CRASH four year ago killing83passengers and five crew members,which left
theentire Alaska state of shock. I am sorry if this news is too traumatic
for you but I was only 
trying to paint the picture to you. His time deposit in our bank has been
re-run Twice and inline with the contractual agreement entered with him,the
bank cannot re-run it again and efforts has since been exhaustively made
to source out his next of kin but to no Avail. 
Information reached me that the bank wants to return the account as Dormantthereby
paving way for the fund to be Remitted into the governments confine for
arms purchase, at this juncture I had to stampede that possibility by writing
to debunk all efforts for the government to seize the funds, hence am asking
you to stand in as the next of Kin to Mr. Thompson and the funds shall be
transmitted to you, we shall share the funds in the ratio of 60% for me
while 30% for you finally 10% will be for unprecedented expenses incurred
by both parties in the course of this transfer. 
If you condescend to this transaction kindly send your Response via email
I anticipate having a wonderful working Relationship with you. Please note
that this transaction is risk free. 
Account officer. 
Please I would like you to go through this sites and 
gather more information for your self-regarding the death of Late 
Mr. Morris Thompson
please reply to this email: mammanfrank@ny.com

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