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peter khan peterkhan00@walla.com
Sat, 2 Jul 2005 06:24:13 +0200

The Auditor/Head
of Department
Bank of Scotland,
United Kingdom.

(Great Opportunity Very Urgent and Confidential) 

Dear Friend,

I want to transfer out =A315,000,000.00 
(Fifteen Million Pounds Sterling) from our bank here, 
I have the courage to look for a reliable and honest
 person who will be capable for this important transaction, 
believing that you will never let me down either now or in future.

I want to transfer this money into a safe foreign account abroad
 but i don't know any foreigner, I am only contacting you as a 
foreigner because this money can not be approved to any local 
bank here in Scotland, but can only be approved to any foreign 
account because the money is pounds sterlings and the former 
owner of the account is John Hughes and he was a foreigner too.

I am contacting you because of the need to involve a foreigner 
with a foreign account as the real beneficiary. 

At the conclusion of this business, you will be given 35% of the 
total amount, 60% will be for me, while 5% will be for expenses 
both parties might have incurred during this process.

Send me as a matter of urgent for onward processing:

(1) Your Private: Tele& Fax Number
(2) Your Account: Number you trust where the money will transferd
(3) Your Account: Name
(4) Your Bank: Address
(5) Your Bank: Name
(6) Your Passport so i can who i am dealing with.

I await your earliest reply,