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tanko at uku.co.uk tanko at uku.co.uk
Sun Jul 24 15:08:10 UTC 2005

Dear Sir: 

Receiving a proposal of this nature from a stranger
may seem worrisome. But the fact is that the ruling
class in most developing countries, especially in
Africa is a major cause for this phenomenon. They are
wholesomely corrupt. Thus it has become a vicious
circle of who gets what part of the national cake.
My name is Buba Tanko and I am the accountant to the
Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources. Following the
recent and on going increases in the price of
petroleum products (gas, etc.) the sum of
$50,000,000.00 (Fifty Million US Dollars) was approved
by the Government for the environmental protection of
the oil area of Delta State. As would be usually
expected, the accounting figure to be disbursed was
inflated by $16,000,000.000 (Sixteen Million US
Dollars). Thus while the government will actually make
available $66 Million only $50 Million will be
disbursed leaving a balance of $16 Million. This
balance forms the subject of this letter.
We require the assistance of an honest foreigner to
receive this amount ($16 Million) in the form of
personal luggage. The procedure is simple and without
any risk. The cash will be concealed as personal
effects in a medium sized box and will be brought to
your country as diplomatic luggage. All we require is an
honest individual who will receive it for our mutual
benefit. The diplomats who will bring it do not know
the real content.
If you choose to help us, all we need are your
telephone number and any address where you would want
the diplomats to deliver the luggage to you.
They will call to inform you once they arrive your country
and schedule the delivery. You may be required
to offset some handling charges, which is essential
and necessary in order to validate and authenticate
the transaction. Finally, if you decide to cooperate,
we will give you 28 percent of the amount. Once the
box is in your possession, my deputy will travel down
to your country  to meet with you for the sharing.
Please send an email to tankobuba at takemail.com
asap to indicate your position on this matter.
God bless!
Buba Tanko
Ph: ……… 2348056143694

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