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adams idioma idioma johnmichaels@eresmas.com
Tue, 07 Jun 2005 00:28:43 GMT

<table border=0 width="100%" cellpadding="8"  cellpadding="8"><tr><td bgcolor="#ffffff"><P>please reply to. <A href="mailto:adamsidioma20001@yahoo.co.uk">adamsidioma20001@yahoo.co.uk</A><BR><A href="mailto:adamsidioma20001@yahoo.co.uk">adamsidioma20001@yahoo.co.uk</A> </P>
<P><BR>I am the chairman of the contract award committee of the petroluem and<BR>natural resources ministry here in Nigeria, for security reasons, I may&nbsp; not<BR>wish to disclose how I got your email address for now.</P>
<P>After due deliberation with my partner, I decided to forward to you&nbsp; this<BR>business proposal, we want you to assist us receive the sum of <BR>Twenty eight million, six hundred thousand united state bills<BR>(us28.6m) into your account. This fund resulted from an over-invoiced<BR>contract awarded by us under the budget allocation to my ministry and&nbsp; the<BR>bill was approved for payment by the concerned ministries. The&nbsp; contract was<BR>executed, commissioned and the contractor was paid his&nbsp; actual cost of the<BR>contract. Now, we are left with the balance of&nbsp; us28.6m as the over invoiced<BR>amount, which we have deliberately over&nbsp; estimated for our own use. Please<BR>note that the law forbids civil&nbsp; servants to operate or own foreign accounts<BR>hence this contact, we have&nbsp; agreed to share the money in the following<BR>percentages: 30 for you, 60&nbsp; for us 10 for tax as may be required by your<BR>government.</P>
<P>Note that this transaction is very much free from all sorts of risk&nbsp; hence<BR>the business was carefully planned before it was successfully&nbsp; executed and<BR>we the officials involved in the deal have put many years&nbsp; in service to our<BR>ministry. We have been exercising patience for this&nbsp; privilege for so long<BR>not until the presidential announcement last&nbsp; week, that all foreign<BR>contractors owed be paid forthwith, this will&nbsp; enable the presidency<BR>reconcile our debt ratio with the outside world&nbsp; and to most of us, this is<BR>a lifetime blessing we cannot afford to&nbsp; miss. Upon indication of your<BR>interest to fully co-operate with us, a&nbsp; payment application/information<BR>form will be sent to you via email for&nbsp; completion. </P>
<P>Note that the following information: a) bankers name and address, b)<BR>account number and account name and c) your private phone number and&nbsp; email<BR>address will enable us seek/secure approval of the fund from the&nbsp; concerned<BR>government quarters/ministries within 3-4 banking days. </P>
<P>As soon as we confirm receipt of this money in your nominated bank&nbsp; account,<BR>my partner and I will come over to your country to arrange for&nbsp; our own<BR>share and possibly invest part of this money in your country.</P>
<P>Let honesty and trust be our watchword throughout this transaction. I&nbsp; shall<BR>furnish you with some details about myself. Your prompt reply&nbsp; will be<BR>highly appreciated. </P>
<P>Best regards.</P>
<P>Adams. I. S. A<BR></P></td></tr></table>