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E EAST AND AFRICA=2C HSBC Bank PLC=2C London International Branch=2C On r=
esumption of duties after the Christmas and New year celebration i discov=
ered that one of my bank customer=2C Mr=2E JOSHUA WANG =2Can=26nbsp=3B In=
donesia by birth =2C a consultant/contractor with the military relief Gro=
up=2C a charity organization affiliated to the United Nation( UN)=2C was =
one of the victims of the TSUNAMI disaster in the Asia World=2C he has be=
ing a private resident here in London for=26nbsp=3B 3 years=2C made a num=
bered time (Fixed) Deposit=2C valued at =A36=2C500=2C000=2E00(Six Million=
=2C Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling) for twelve calen=
dar months in my Branch=2E=3CBR=3EAs representative with contacts in the =
Middle East/Africa=2Cupon the tsunami disaster in his home country of Ind=
onesia=2C in which he was on a private visit to see is sick old parents=2C=
 i have made personalcontacts to his resident here in London and through =
so me foreign mission in Indonesia=2C and hasdiscovered that he and his e=
ntire family perished in the said natural disaster in his local community=
 in Indonesia=2E On further investigation=2C it also discovered that he d=
ied without making a WILL (En-state) and all=26nbsp=3B attempts to trace =
his next of kin was fruitless=2C it was discovered in the Late Mr=2E JOSH=
UA WANG bank papers that the only persons stated as his entitled next of =
kin is his only wife=2C who also died with him in the disaster=2C so pres=
ently their is no persons=26nbsp=3B to declare as the next of kin to the =
said fund and as it stand now =2C No person will ever come forward to cla=
im it=2E As the bank papers/documents have only his late wife name=2C sin=
ce they have no child before their sudden death=2E=3CBR=3EIn accordance w=
ith the Banking Federal Laws and constitution=2C the money will revert to=
 the ownership of the Government if nobody applies as the next of Kin to =
claim the funds within certain period=2EConsequently=2C I shall present y=
ou as a foreign partner to=26nbsp=3B stand in as the next of kin to late =
Mr=2EJOSHUA WANG so that you and I can benefit from the fruits of this ol=
d man=27s labor and also donate certain portion of the fund to all victim=
s of the Tsunami disasters through humanitarian Organization=2E=3CBR=3EBe=
 informed that i have in my capacity/position carefully moved this fund i=
nto the Vault of a Security and Finance Company here in London that have =
Branches all over Europe/America where this fund can be claim=2E=3CBR=3EU=
pon acceptance of this proposal=2C We shall employ the services of a soli=
citor for the drafting of the LAST WILL =26amp=3B TESTAMENT of Late Mr=2E=
 Joshua Wang and to obtain all other relevant papers in your name for the=
 necessary documentation for payment approval in my bank headquarters in =
your favor=2E=3CBR=3EI guarantee that this will beexecuted under legitima=
te arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law as I will=
 use my position as the senior Bank=27s personnel in the Institutional fu=
nd services=2C Middle East and Africa=2C HSBC BANK PLC=2C to secure appro=
vals andguarantee the successful execution of this transaction=2E=3CBR=3E=
Please be informed that your utmost confidentiality is required=2E If thi=
s interests you=2C please reply me immediately and please include your pr=
ivate phone number for voice contact and fax number so that I can provide=
 you with more details and relevant documents that will help you understa=
nd the transaction better=2E=3CBR=3EAwaiting your urgent reply through my=
 private email=3Amgraeme=40wanadoo=2Ees or =3CA href=3D=22mailto=3Amgraem=
=3CBR=3EThanks=2E=3CBR=3EBest regards=2C=3CBR=3EMcCallum Graeme=3C/P=3E
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