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35 barrister pius piusesanlaw1@eresmas.com
Wed, 15 Jun 2005 13:28:36 GMT

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=3CP=3EBarrister Esangbedo Pius=2C=3C/P=3E
=3CP=3EESANGBEDO=2C PIUS =26amp=3B CO=2E=3C/P=3E
=3CP=3E74 Sapele Road=2C=3C/P=3E
=3CP=3EBenin City=2E=3C/P=3E
=3CP=3EWe have been approached by a client to secure and invest funds in =
your country=2Cand due to our lack of precedent experience in business in=
 your country prior to this time we request your permission to be granted=
 us to appoint you as fund manager=2C representative and business Trustee=
 to our client=2C if you are able=3C/P=3E
=3CP=3Eand capable of=3A=3C/P=3E
=3CP=3E1=2E Defining the Investment protocol=2C inclusive of relevant mon=
=3CP=3Elegislation cum tax considerations in your country=2E=3C/P=3E
=3CP=3E2=2E Receiving the Investment fund (Which is Twenty Five Million D=
ollars) in cash in any location of convenience=2E=3C/P=3E
=3CP=3E3=2E Securedly transferring the same fund into your country=2C exp=
loiting legitimate and confidential means=2E=3C/P=3E
=3CP=3E4=2E Securing investments in your country with the fund as will be=
 defined in due course of our interaction=2E=3C/P=3E
=3CP=3EKnowing always that=3A=3C/P=3E
=3CP=3E1=2E There will be an immediate renumeration of 10=25 comming to y=
ou and us (As agents to my client) as soon as the fund is secured=2E=3C/P=
=3CP=3E2=2E We will work with you alone in absolute confidentiality=2E I =
have written this proposal briefly=2C awaiting your positive response whi=
ch will allow me render to you full details of this Business initiative=2C=
 you must be assured that you will not be exposed to risk and you will ha=
ve always a declaration of indemnity in you favour in the course of and a=
fter the execution of this brief=2E=3C/P=3E
=3CP=3EYour positive response would be indicated and appreciated as soon =
as we we receive your full contact information and summarised profile of =
your person and company=2E=3C/P=3E
=3CP=3EKindly endeavour to respond earnestly=2E=3C/P=3E
=3CP=3EThank you=2E=3C/P=3E
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