[Build-common-hackers] Greetings from Berlin.

Micheal Magan mrmichaelmagan@gawab.com
Fri, 25 Mar 2005 14:26:19 GMT

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=3CP=3E=3CFONT face=3Dverdana size=3D4=3EGreetings from Berlin=2E=3C/FONT=
=3CP=3E=3CFONT face=3Dverdana size=3D4=3EThe purpose of my writing to you=
 is because I am searching for a foreign business partner who is in a pos=
ition to assist me with an urgent business proposal=2C as time is not on =
my side=2E A partner=2C who understands what confidentiality means and wh=
o has the necessary facilities required in embarking on this important ve=
=3CP=3E=3CFONT face=3Dverdana size=3D4=3EI am a manager with a Trust Comp=
any here in Berlin=2E We had a foreign customer who deposited a huge sum =
of money with us=2C who later died as a result of a car crash in Valencia=
 in November=2C 2001=2E Since the death of this customer=2C I personally =
have watched with keen interest to see the next of kin but all has proved=
 abortive as no one has come to claim her funds of 25 Million Euro deposi=
ted with the company in 2000=2E This is the exact amount in Euro after co=
nversion in 2002 from the =24US32=2E7m originally deposited=2E It is for =
this reason that I am contacting you and I am revealing all this to you w=
ith the belief that you will never let me down in this business=2E=3C/FON=
=3CP=3E=3CFONT face=3Dverdana size=3D4=3EFor your active participation=2C=
 I have two options of payment for you=2E Firstly you can choose to have =
Eight Million Euro of the money for your assistance or you can go into pa=
rtnership with me for the proper and profitable investment of the entire =
money in your country=2E Of course=2C the investment must be under your d=
irect management and supervision=2E As soon as we have seen to the succes=
sful transfer of these funds=2C I will meet you in your country for prope=
r discussion and disbursement=2E We will then agree on how best to invest=
 most of my share in your country if you chose this option=2E=3C/FONT=3E=3C=
=3CP=3E=3CFONT face=3Dverdana size=3D4=3ETo facilitate the immediate tran=
sfer of this fund to your account as arranged=2C indicate your full names=
=2C your private telephone=2C fax numbers and location where the money wi=
ll be remitted=2E I will instruct you on the next step to take=2E=3C/FONT=
=3CP=3E=3CFONT face=3Dverdana size=3D4=3ENote that this business is hitch=
-free and that you should not entertain any fear=2C as the whole required=
 arrangement has been made for the transfer=2E=3C/FONT=3E=3C/P=3E
=3CP=3E=3CFONT face=3Dverdana size=3D4=3EI look forward to your earliest =
=3CP=3E=3CFONT face=3Dverdana size=3D4=3EYours faithfully=2C=3CBR=3EMicha=
el Magan =3CBR=3E=3C/FONT=3E=3C/P=3E=3C/td=3E=3C/tr=3E=3C/table=3E=3Cbr=3E=
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=3Cspan style=3D=22font-family=3Averdana=3Bfont-size=3A11px=3B=22=3EYa pu=
edes ganar con la bolsa sin arriesgar ni un c=E9ntimo=2E Nuevo deposito N=
ARANJA bolsa garantizado de ING Direct=3Cbr=3E=3Ca href=3D=22http=3A//ban=
/area=3DERESMAS=2ECORREO/aamsz=3DPIE=5FWEBMAIL=22 target=3D=22=5Fblank=22=