[Build-common-hackers] Letter of Intent

Favor Adim favoradimduke1@freenet.de
Wed, 30 Mar 2005 14:53:00 +0000

Dear Sir/Madam,</P>=0D
<P>Please forgive me if I intrude your privacy, we do not know each other b=
ut it does not matter. what matters is transperency between us in this deal=
. I am Mr favor Adim Duke an Accountant I came to know about you in my priv=
ate search for a reliable and reputable person to handle this confidencial =
business transaction. A foreigner, Late Engr Dahlig Michell until his death=
 in Korean Air flight which Crashed in Guam on August 1997, banked with us =
here and had a closing balance of US$20.5M (Twenty Million Five Hundred Tho=
usand Dollars) which the bank unquestionably expects it to be claimed by an=
y available next of kin of the late beneficiary or alternatively be donated=
 to a discredited trust fund for Arms and Ammunition at a Military War Coll=
ege here in Nigeria.</P>=0D
<P>Valuable effort have been made by our Institution to get in-touch with a=
ny of the Michelle's family or relative but proved to no avail. it is becau=
se of the perceived possiblity of not being able to locate any of the late =
Engr. Michell's next of kin that the management under the influence of our =
chairman and Members Of The Boards Of Director that an arrangement be made =
for the funds to be declared Unclaimable and subsequently be donated to the=
 Trust Fund for Arms and Ammunition to further Enhance the course of war in=
 Africa and the World in General as you know that war will eventually bring=
 destruction to man kind. In <BR>
order to avert this negative development, I now seek your permissionto have=
 you stand as the Next-Of-Kin Of . Engr Dahlig Michelle so that the funds U=
S$ 20.5M (Twenty Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars) would be release an=
d pay into your Bank Account as the Next Of Kin.</P>=0D
<P>This is a deal between you and I only. All Documents and proofs to enabl=
e you get this Fund will be carefully Worked out and more so I am, Assuring=
 you a 100% Risk Free Involvment in this deal. your share out of the $20.5m=
 depends on our agreement as we procceed with the deal. I will also like to=
 invest my own part of the money in your country with your help after the t=
ransfer. If this Proposal is all right by you then kindly get back to me by=
 e-mailing me thanking you in anticipation of <BR>
your co-operation.<BR>
Yours Faithfully,<BR>
Mr.Favor Adim Duke</P>=0D
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