[Build-common-hackers] CONFIDENTIALITY

charlestaylor1961@terra.com.mx charlestaylor1961@terra.com.mx
Sat, 14 May 2005 20:50:17 -0700


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Dr.Mr.Charles Taylor, the formal Liberia Head of state .I am in urge=
need of your assistance.The United States government has ordered for my
arrest because of what is going on in my country and i have  to leave the=

country and they has already sent troops heading to Liberia. Arrangements=

has been made and concluded for me to take refuge in Nigeria which is wer=
i am as a refugee right now.

I am currently planing to take refuge also in Lome, Togo or in any part
in Eastern Nigeria also.I am presently in Calaba a city in Cross River St=
have deposited the sum of $45,000,000.00 in a finance and security compan=
in Europe.Because the current situation requires all of us that have serv=
this government to go into exile.

I will not go into much explanations and the reason is for security reaso=
i urgently need your assistance in providing a reliable genue business ve=
where i can confortably invest this funds being generated from my past re=
as the formal Liberian Pressident.As a matter of fact i am not secured as=

at now, so it also goes to my lovely family been on Exile to a place in
the Eastern part of Nigeria called Calaba in Rivers state Nigeria, since
the termination of my regeme.

You can agree with me if i tell you i am under house arrest as i have onl=
some limited access to the internet and international phone calls has als=
been confistigated that i can not get accross to my friends and business
associates all over the world, and that is why my plans now is to get thi=
fund out from the security company in Europe and as soon as this is done
,i will swift into an urgent travelling arrangment to come to your countr=
for investment and also for a lucrative business . 

I would need an urgent assistance to transfer the $45,000,000.00 to a saf=
account to secure the future of my family as i am now been monitored by
government.I am ready to go into negotiations with you regarding what per=
of the money should go to you while you would also help in investing and
managing the fund for me and my family. 

My family and I will also appreciate any help you may offer in helping us=

to come over to your country to settle after this transaction has  finall=
been transferred and also secured in your account for safety.The area I
urgently need your assistance is to help me move the money from where it
was deposited to your country for investment.

10% will be for expenses incurred during the cause of this  transaction,
while 90% is to be held on trust by you until we can decide on a suitable=

business investment in your country subsequent to my free movement.

I would expect that all aspects of the dealing be conducted with trust an=
absolute confidentiality.Please contact me urgently for further clarifica=
Thank you again for the kind attention and God bless you.Please do get ba=
to me via my Email address :  charlestaylor1961@yahoo.com

Dr.Mr.Charles Taylor.

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