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Lukeman Egobia lukemanego6 at msn.com
Fri Oct 14 15:17:55 UTC 2005

satandard trust bank plc.
adres,plot 1662,oyin jolayemi Street.


I am Dr.lukeman egobia a senior account officer with satandard trust bank
plc and as well a one time account financial adviser to the late Foreign
National Oil consultant/contractor with the Nigerian National Petroleum
Corporation.I solicit for your assistance in receiving the sum of
Million Dollars} in a Crete deposited with standard trust bank plc to you. A
Foreign national Oil consultant/contractor with the Nigerian National

Petroleum Corporation, made a numbered time Deposit for twelve
calendar months, a Crete valued at US$10,000000,00 (Ten Million
Dollars) with Inland Finance and Securities.
A routine notification has been sent several times to him, without
reply.Couple of months later, I discovered from his contract employers, the
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation that he's dead. He died in an auto
crash.On further investigation to the deposit with the firm, no declaration
of inheritance to relation or next of kin to inherit this fund.

Unfortunately, none of his relation or family has ever come forth for this
claim, and the management of the firm is planning to confiscate the crate {
US$10, 000,000.00(Ten Million Dollars}} by the end of this fiscal
quarter,since it has overstayed the deposited time.

As regards to the above, I want you to stand in as the next of Kin to the
deceased {even a distance relation does not matter} for us to save the
fruits of the old man's labour before it get to the hands of some corrupt
selfish officials of our firm or the government.
As soon as you consent to this request, I will immediately employ the
service of an Attorney for drafting and notarization of the WILL and to
obtain the necessary documents and letter of probate/administration in your
favour for the transfer.

Your percentage share of the fund depends on your level of participation.
Although I would like to use 20% of the total fund
to raise a reputable charity home or Foundation in the name of the
My position here as the account officer guarantees the successful
execution of this transaction as there is every arrangement to deliver the
Crete{US$10,000.000.00}to your door step as soon as we {you and I} certify
the requirement of our firm.
Looking forward to your urgent response to this offer.

Dr lukeman egobia
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