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peterwallace231 peterwallace231 at o2.pl
Sun Sep 18 03:24:45 UTC 2005


I am a registered Financial Security Agent of the FSA (Financial
Services Authority) in the UK, attached to the department of Treasury. 
Arising from the Continuous Admittance of New Counties/Member into the merging 
EU(European Community is a recent directive from the Bank of England that all 
dormant account be redirected into Government archives. I have been in charge 
of a particular Dormant/Suspense account which no one from my very 
professional investigation using the extensive data protection database.

This bond has been in a dormant state since 2000 and the department has 
been changing custodian of the bonds for the past three (3)years. What is 
needed at this stage is to find a very reliable, confidential and responsible 
friend who would assist me in the claims of these bonds without it reverting 
to the state. In this case, i would initiate a systematic transfer of the 
said bonds into a Dedicated Account opened in your name or company name, 
whichever you find most appropriate. I would therefore need your response in 
order to grant you access to the detailed facts and figures of the bond. I 
have been able to contact you based on information retrieved from the credit 
reference database attached to my institution. I will be most willing to go into 
partnership with you to see this project completed in earnest.

I assure you that there would be no issues to your name or person. All
you would be required to do is to open an offshore account for this 
purpose. I hope you understand why I cannot disclose exclusive data to you at 
this stage. Do kindly respond to me via my email address below or my fax 
number. Upon this, I would be able to send you more details regarding this 
project. If I do not hear from you in the next few days, I would assume you are 
not interested but if you are, do also provide a phone/fax numbers you 
could be reached on. I look forward to an excellent business relationship 
with you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr.Peter Wallace
Financial Service Authority (FSA).
Fax: + 448452801535
Email:petewallace231 at hotmail.com

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