Bug#359887: [Build-common-hackers] Bug#359887: cdbs: Flag minimal CDBS version

Peter Eisentraut peter_e at gmx.net
Fri Apr 7 16:27:21 UTC 2006

Am Sonntag, 2. April 2006 14:00 schrieb Ian Wienand:
> I also see that generating control.in from rules in a bad idea, but I
> really like my Makefiles that build packages being able to
> automagically fill in dependencies that CDBS needs.
> How about something like the follow, where you allow a flag for a
> minimal version?

The question is really what we plan to do with the control update feature.  I 
have my doubts that it can be fixed.  I have thought lately that it should be 
replaced by a set of lintian checks that tell you what the build dependencies 
should be.  This could be a lot more precise and flexible.

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