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Melanie Lancaster amurray at cisco.com
Thu Jan 19 10:53:45 UTC 2006

Dark Dynamite Inc. Jumps from $0.65 in Dec to a of $1.70 Today

This one has been making Our members huge returns in the last month. Recent news 
releases on new contracts and upcoming projects has sparked interest among traders.

Now these contracts are in place and being fullfilled. As per agreements, DKDY has 
recieved Intial funds of $296,000.00 USD to begin preperations for April.

Symb0l: DKDY
Tuesday's High: $1.70
Short Term Projection: $2.25 - 2.50
Long Term: $3.75 - $4.25
Indicat0r: S t r o n g   B u y

We believe that DKDY has more to show. Starting in april the visitors and revenues 
are going to rise. For now the stock is rising with anticipation.

Pick up this great stock Thursday morning and watch it rise.

Review The News:

DKDY is in schedule and recieving initial investments of $296,000 USD to produced 
the banquets listed in last weeks announcement

Last Week D K D Y announced the agreement to begin nightly banquets in April 2006
that are expected to increase visitors to the park by over 18000 per month, doubling
its annual attendance and creating an increase in re venues by over $3,400,000.00.

Dark Dynamite Inc. has reached a cooperation agree ment , for initiating a 
large-scale outdoor Qin dynasty Cultural Dinner Show program for performing Qin 
dynasty dancers and songs in the Theme Park of Qin E - Pang Palace 
(''the T h e m e  P a r k'') from April 2006.

Dark Dynamite Inc. contracts and operates the Theme Park of Qin E-Pang Palace 
('the T h e m e  P a r k') through its wholly owned subsidiary in China, Shannxi 
Kai da Tourism Co., Ltd., a professional tourism consultancy and management firm. 

Happy Trading Members!

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