Bug#380614: [Build-common-hackers] Bug#380614: cdbs: creates empty packages on -dbg package creation

Marc Haber mh+debian-bugs at zugschlus.de
Mon Jul 31 11:45:30 UTC 2006

On Mon, Jul 31, 2006 at 01:42:17PM +0200, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> If your debian/control contains more than one package, then the installation 
> directory is automatically set to debian/tmp.  You should add a file 
> debian/ksynaptics.install that puts the files in the right place, or override 
> DEB_DESTDIR.  I realize that this doesn't make much sense, but the 
> installation directory choice predates the debug package support, so we can't 
> change that without breaking stuff.

That behavior should be documented.

Just for clarity: "overriding DEB_DESTDIR" would be to say
"DEB_DESTDIR:=debian/tmp" in debian/rules?

having foo.install which manually lists all files being installed
seems awfully error prone.


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