Bug#369268: [Build-common-hackers] debhelper.mk: installs common docs instead of docs listed in package.docs

Micha Lenk micha at lenk.info
Wed Jun 7 07:55:57 UTC 2006


Peter Eisentraut:
>> Of course it is possible to fix the bug otherwise.
> How?

cdbs could call dh_installdocs twice. The first time with files
specified on commandline, the second time without.

>> If you do not agree please consider to tag this bug wontfix instead
>> of closing it.
> That would presume that it's a bug in the first place, which I dispute.

Does cdbs do something wrong or not? I say, yes it's doing things wrong:
cdbs should install files listed in <package>.docs in preference over
the files specified on command line to dh_installdocs.

Not having talked about the reasons for this bug: Do you at least agree
with this being a bug?


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