Bug#369268: [Build-common-hackers] debhelper.mk: installs common docs instead of docs listed in package.docs

Micha Lenk micha at lenk.info
Mon Jun 19 11:52:23 UTC 2006

tag 369268 +patch

Peter Eisentraut schrieb:
> Micha Lenk wrote:
>> The difference compared to dh_installdocs is, that I didn't configure
>> cdbs (on my own) to install any docs. Neither in config files like
>> the .docs files nor on command line (okay, pointless in
>> debian/rules). I just created the <package>.docs files because I
>> trusted cdbs to make proper use of dh_installdocs. Thus I did expect
>> it to do the same like I did without cdbs calling dh_installdocs in
>> debian/rules on my own.
> I understand that this is a problem.  Right now, I don't know how to 
> attack this.  But I'll leave this bug open until we find new 
> inspiration.

I just reported #374426, a wishlist bug against debhelper asking for a 
new option --prefer-from-docs-files which changes dh_installdocs's 
behaviour that it now installs the files specified in a package.docs 
file in preference over the ones specified on command line.

If this new option were implemented in dh_installdocs fixing this bug 
(#369268) would be fairly easy: Just call dh_installdocs with this new 
option. I attached a patch for debhelper.mk doing this.

Note: This patch is only usable if the patch from #374426 has been 
applied to debhelper previously.

I wrote in #374426 initial bug report:
 > I tried to implement this option but I don't know whether the approach
 > to solve #369268 is okay. So I would like at least a comment from a
 > cdbs maintainer whether he supports this wishlist bug and will make
 > use of the new option.

So, it would be nice if you would comment on this new bug report.

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