[Build-common-hackers] Project for mutual benefit.

williams peters willpet at camaracs.org
Mon Jun 26 11:58:15 UTC 2006

From: Mr Williams Peters
Ministry of Health Manchester
United Kindom

I am the Director in the Directorate of Health Financing in the Ministry
of Health in United Kindom.We had a bugdetary allocation of $22.5
MillionUSD by the government in February,2002 to research in finding a
local cure to the sickle cell disease.I write to solicit your assistance
in a project of mutual benefit.

We funded a team of clinical pharmacologists to conduct a research on the
effect of a "local plant extract" on Sickle Cell Disease in United
Kindom.The research has since been concluded (specifically in December
2005) Of  the total amount given to us for the research purposes we only
expended  US$8.623Million leaving a balance of US$13.877 Million Dollars.

I am contacting you with a view that you can provide a safe haven for the
balance of this fund that is presently in a bank in Europe. I have put in
over 25 years of my life into working for the government and I do not have
anything to show for it, hence I see this opportunity as a God sent one. I
sincerely hope that you will be of assistance to me.

I implore you to treat this mail as confidential as possible as I am still
serving, though I intend to retire in the first quarter of next year. If
you are not in a position to assist us, do not respond to this mail and I
apologize for taking your time.

Best regards,

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