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scottsampson at myway.com bensonjoe at virgilio.it
Mon Mar 27 12:24:12 UTC 2006


I n order to transfer the sum of GBP15m from our bank 
here in London.
I have the courage to look for a reliable person who 
will capable and honest 
for this important transaction, believing that 
you will let my effort down 
in future,
I am Mr. scott sampson, the 
auditor and computing staff of.Barclays.Bank here 
in the UK.
There is 
an account opened in this bank since 1995 and since 2001 nobody 
operated it, after my investigation in some files I could lay my hands 
upon, I discovered that if I do not remit this urgent in an account 
urgently, it will be confiscated by our bank.
The owner of this account 
is late Mr. John Hughes Coe and a manager of 
petrol- chemical service 
and also an engineer here in London who died since 
My dear, 
nobody knows about this account or anything about this account, it 
at this junctures that I deem your assistance to remit this money into 
your account.
I am only contacting you as a friend and partner and as 
well a foreigner, 
who will not betray me or try to cheat me when have 
received this money.
I know that this massage will come to you as a 
surprise as you do not know 
both do I know you this transaction is 
real, and one hundred percent risk 
free, and hoping you will be of 
immense assistance to each other when the 
transaction has been 
When the transfer is approved and payment schedule is 
allocated overseas 
through our offshore payment representative for 
final clearance an signing 
of the payment released form to you as the 
beneficiary of funds.
I want us to meet face in a round table meeting 
concern the success of this 
transaction to discuss the percentage of 
sharing the money. Or sign a 
binding agreement to bind us together in 
this transaction, so that we can 
receive this money into your 
nominated Bank account or any account of your 
I am contacting 
you because of the need to involve a foreigner, where we can 
these funds as the real beneficiary of money.
I need your co operation 
to make this dream a reality; I am ready to give 
25% out of the total 
sum of money upon the conclusion of transaction with 
I need your 
assurance that we can work together to achieve.

ruthwell,dumfries DGI 4nn,

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