Bug#359887: [Build-common-hackers] Bug#359887: cdbs: Make CDBS depend on latest version when building from control.in

Peter Eisentraut petere at debian.org
Wed Mar 29 17:30:19 UTC 2006

Ian Wienand wrote:
> I think there is an argument for having this updated on each version;
> if I build with a version of CDBS I want to be sure that any of the
> autobuilders are using at least that version.

I think that would be a mistake.  It would make the backporting life 
miserable.  Or alternatively, it would be fairly useless because if you 
rebuild the package with an old version of cdbs, it will just overwrite 
the versioned dependency with an older versioned dependency.  This is 
an argument for not relying on automatic control file management and 
for just writing in the dependencies that you really meant to use.

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