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mike opponng miike_oppnng203 at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 17 13:48:28 CET 2006

Good Day,

We are corporate & investment Consultants acting as solicitors for one Dr. 
Avril Cummings, former commissioner for Income Tax of Republic of Sierra 
Leone. My client is presently residing in Accra, Ghana as a refugee due to 
political and legal problems he is having with the government of Sierra 
Leone underPresident Tejan Kabbah.

My client was falsely accused of fraud and subsequently the Anti-Corruption 
Commission (ACC) headed by Commissioner Val T. Collier slapped a phony 
corruption charges on him and an arrest warrant was issued on him. My client 
is a man of affluence, no doubt about that. He had acquired enormous wealth, 
no doubt about that. But his wealth was not acquired illegally neither had 
he solicited, accepted or taken any illegal advantage as falsely accused by 
the Anti-Corruption Commission.

As fate would have it, my client was fortunate to escape from Sierra Leone 
and now resides as a refugee in Ghana. His enemies who traced where he was 
residing as a refugee here in Ghana due to later killed him the 
corroboration of some high government officers. In the course of his 
departure from Sierra Leone he was fortunate to have arrived in Ghana  wit 
reasonable quantity of precious minerals and cash amount of $9,000,000.00 
USD (Nine Million us dollar)

My client Son will be prepared to finance your project or enter into a joint 
venture with you subject to a due diligence period of one week to thoroughly 
study your business plan etc.  To that effect I, being the attorney will 
like to join hand with you and get this fund transferred into your account. 
Also I want you to note that the fund was kept in the bank vault, and that 
it is our responsibility to
clear out any hindrance that would delay the smooth transfer of the fund.

Please percentage is negotiable upon your reply.Please be mindful that the 
fund is of no criminal origin. The transfer and investment is necessitated 
due to political instability in the region.

Please let us know by returned mail/fax if we could be of some help in 
financing your project. Hope to hear from you.reply to my private email 
address mike_opponng at yahoo.com.hk

Sincerely yours.
Mike Opponng.

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