[Build-common-hackers] my CDBS gallery: real-world rules samples

Caio Begotti caio at ueberalles.net
Mon Sep 11 14:42:01 UTC 2006

[please keep me in cc: for i am not subscribed to the 'debian-devel' list]

Hello list, I think it's time to show you... this: http://cdbs.ueberalles.net

It's an online gallery with all CDBS rules files used in Debian packages.
There's a FAQ on the site which can answer some obvious answers but, anyway, I 
hope it's becomes a nice tool for reference in CDBS learning.

I'm looking now for some peer review and comments about the general idea and 
would love if someone can confirm my stats about the number of source 
packages using the CDBS framework :-)

The only suggestion I don't know how to implement is a 'history diff' (before 
the CDBS switch in the source package) using the data provided by 
http://snapshot.debian.net/ but I am not yet sure whether that could be 
really useful now or not.

PS: I'm copying this mail for the CDBS folks too, to make sure they'll see it


caio[1982] begotti

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