[Build-common-hackers] Re: my CDBS gallery: real-world rules samples

Arnaud Fontaine arnaud at andesi.org
Tue Sep 12 13:26:33 UTC 2006

>>>>> "Caio" == Caio Begotti <caio at ueberalles.net> writes:

    Caio> [please keep me in cc: for i am not subscribed to the
    Caio> 'debian-devel' list] Hello list, I think it's time to show
    Caio> you... this: http://cdbs.ueberalles.net

    Caio> It's an online gallery with all CDBS rules files used in
    Caio> Debian packages.  There's a FAQ on the site which can answer
    Caio> some obvious answers but, anyway, I hope it's becomes a nice
    Caio> tool for reference in CDBS learning.

    Caio> I'm looking now for some peer review and comments about the
    Caio> general idea and would love if someone can confirm my stats
    Caio> about the number of source packages using the CDBS framework
    Caio> :-)

    Caio> The only suggestion I don't know how to implement is a
    Caio> 'history diff' (before the CDBS switch in the source package)
    Caio> using the data provided by http://snapshot.debian.net/ but I
    Caio> am not yet sure whether that could be really useful now or
    Caio> not.

    Caio> PS: I'm copying this mail for the CDBS folks too, to make sure
    Caio> they'll see it

    Caio> Cheers,


Great idea. Maybe this link could  be added in the cdbs documentation as

Arnaud Fontaine

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