[Build-common-hackers] Attn: Beneficiary,

Sat Aug 11 05:12:46 UTC 2007

Attn: Beneficiary,

I am delighted to inform you that the UNITED NATION CRIME PREVENTION UNIT
Management through the Office of the SKYE BANK GOVERNOR and other bank
directors have decided to call back all approved fund Payment through offshore
payment centers to the bank treasury following Interception of the UNITED

All foreign long over due beneficiaries / contractors payment have been
concluded, arranged to be paid by cash through the Diplomatic Agents who will
deliver the cash in a Machine sealed consignment to them directly in their
respective home country have been put in place as they has temporarily stopped
further payment via wire transfer or bank to bank due to heavy taxation.

In this regards, l am going to put your name as one of the beneficiaries or
contractor that my Government is owning for the past 5 years and your  
name will
be amoung the schedule beneficiary for payment in the next 10 working days via
our accredited Diplomatic Agent/shipping Company.

lf agreed ,l will send you the source of the fund which is an over  
invoice from
one of the Mimitriou at firstelements.com.cy, svejda at aiecr.cz,  
roderick.barker at technologypark.cz, info at agropark.dk, novi at novi.dk,  
pk at nupark.dk, av at sp-aarhus.dk, ton at sciondtu.dk, info at ulemistecity.ee,  
info at park.tartu.ee, raivo.tamkivi at tehnopol.ee,  
jarkko.toivonen at techvilla.fi, markku.vuorinen at carelian.fi, jtk at jsp.fi,  
lauri.ylostalo at lahtisbp.fi, info at snowpolis.com,  
johanna.salomaa-valkamo at hermia.fi, anna.saramaki at innopark.fi,  
marjut.hannelin at kareltek.fi, teknia at teknia.fi,  
pertti.huuskonen at technopolis.fi, tapani.saarinen at turkusciencepark.com,  
contact at angerstechnopole.com, balducchi at atlanpole.fr,  
ester at ester-technopole.org, info at europole-med-arbois.org,  
gbiette at cg86.fr, mlac at club-internet.fr,  
technopole at laval-technopole.fr, couasnon at noos.fr, pnetter at wanadoo.fr,  
abiette at tech-orleans.fr, info at retis-innovation.fr,  
technopole at savoie-technolac.com, accueil at alimentec.com,  
technopole at synergia.fr, michel.morvan at tech-brest-iroise.fr,  
schlewitz at marseille-innov.org, technopole at rennes-atalante.fr,  
tvt at tvt.fr, w.willms at baw-bremen.de, info at experplan.de, wilke at icob.de,  
technologiepark at heidelberg.de, info-tpo at tpo.de, info at tumtech.de,  
fokifi at ghana.com, graf.proedrou at gel.demokritos.gr,  
info at euroconsultants.com.gr, edap at stepc.gr, stepepir at cc.uoi.gr,  
info at technopolis.gr, park at thestep.gr, carlos.genardini at hkstp.org,  
szabo.gabor at infoparkrt.hu, innotech at innotech.hu,  
szgyongy at mail.kodolanyi.hu, pip at dravanet.hu, pannonnovum at westpa.hu,  
info at icicikp.com, bamasish at tcguih.com, kinfra at vsnl.com, info at astp.ir,  
info at eastp.ir, info at fstp.ir, info at gstp.ir,  
international.affairs at istt.org, info at kstp.ir, i.un.kh at cua.ac.ir,  
info at techpark.ir, info at itincubator.com, h_ghasemi at sstp.ir,  
h-liaghati at sbu.ac.ir, atalaiit at ut.ac.ir, info at ystp.org,  
industry.development at dit.ie, info at tippinst.ie,  
info at agenziasviluppo.tn.it, gabriele.gatti at area.trieste.it,  
centuria-rit at centuria-rit.com, songini at consorzio21.it,  
pittino at dse.uniud.it, info at envipark.com, lipardi at cittadellascienza.it,  
ptplodi at tecnoparco.org, andrea.francese at pirellirealestate.com,  
marzetti at ipi.it, info at kilometrorosso.com, info at meta-group.com,  
info at pstsicilia.org, info at polotecnologico.it, info at spr.it,  
info at servitec.it, master at vegapark.ve.it, info at wtcbrescia.it,  
kri at inf.keihanna-plaza.co.jp, gateway at krp.co.jp, philad at go.com.jo,  
info at aitc.kz, info at t2.kz, dhshin at cbtp.or.kr,  
michelle at ddinnopolis.or.kr, shyoon at gjtp.or.kr, hmpark at ksbc.or.kr,  
tricos at tricos.co.kr, abid at nrec.com.kw, ltc at latnet.lv, ltp at rtu.lv,  
info at balamand.ed

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