[Build-common-hackers] Depending on debhelper

Peter Eisentraut peter_e at gmx.net
Wed Aug 15 13:48:50 UTC 2007

There are several bugs filed for cdbs that could be quite easily fixed if cdbs 
had a hard dependency for debhelper, namely

#433862: cdbs: please allow the possibility to filter out packages
#405413: /usr/lib/cdbs/list-packages doesn't honor DH_OPTIONS ?
#416018: consider using dh_testroot

Historically, cdbs has never depended on debhelper so as to make the use of 
debhelper.mk optional.  But debhelper is ubiquitous now and perpetuating the 
reimplementation of cdbs-specific poor copies of some functionalities like 
dh_testroot and dh_listpackages seems pointless.  Using debhelper.mk would 
remain optional of course.

Does anyone see a downside to making debhelper a Depends: of cdbs and using 
dh_listpackages and dh_testroot everywhere it's appropriate?

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