[Build-common-hackers] Pls,Endeavour to contact me

Mbomago Dickson mbomadickson222 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 08:18:22 CET 2007

Dear Friend,

I am Mr.Dickson Mbomago, Director of Project, South Africa Department of
Mineral and Energy. I am making this contact with you based on the
committee's needs.

First and foremost i apologized for using this medium to reach you for a
transaction/business of this magnitude, but this is due to Confidentiality
and prompt access reposed on this medium. In unfolding this proposal, I want
to count on you, as a respected and honest person to handle this transaction
with sincerity, trust and confidentiality.

Pls,Endeavour to contact me immediately through my private email:(
mrdicksonmbo at yahoo.ca )to confirm whether or not you are interested in this

Once again, remember that time is of great essence in this transaction.

I await in anticipation of your fullest co-operation.

Yours faithfully,

Mr.Dickson Mbomago
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