[Build-common-hackers] TOP SECRETS

KA KEE Marton kakee.marton at yahoo.com
Wed May 30 23:06:40 UTC 2007

TOP SECRET investing sites!

1. Offshoreltd

http://www.offshoreltd dot net/?ref=778B717880C345484076234193CF009

Minimum investment: 10 USD
Interest rate: Variable Daily, 1-3%
Investment Term: 150 calendar days 
Payouts: Twice a week, every Monday and Thursday

2. http://www.life-holdings dot net/?4105679

Example of how effective the system really is: let's consider we have $2,000 capital. This amount will be split into 20 equal parts ($100 each). Each session will use only one part or 5% of the total capital. My Betfair trading statements posted show how easy I turn $100 starting balance into $130 and more; all using real money. A 33% gain during one session is 1.66% gain for the total amount of capital available. Everything is explained in even more details in my forum.

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