[Build-common-hackers] TLA & Multi-directory tarballs

Ryan Hass ryan at linspire.com
Mon Oct 15 22:44:32 UTC 2007


I seem to have come across a couple issues for which I cannot find any 
resolve. The first being, we use TLA here and CDBS seems to freak out 
about the {arch} directory. I have modified the actual package name for 
this mailing list, however the following text is the error I receive:

dpkg-source: cannot represent change to 
{arch}/++pristine-trees/unlocked/sensored/sensored--build-skipjack/sensored--build-skipjack--0.1.0/tos at linspire.com--skipjack/sensored--build-skipjack--0.1.0--patch-3/sensored-2.i386.tar.bz2: 
binary file contents changed
dpkg-source: warning: executable mode 0755 of 
`{arch}/++pristine-trees/unlocked/sensored/sensored--build-skipjack/sensored--build-skipjack--0.1.0/tos at linspire.com--skipjack/sensored--build-skipjack--0.1.0--patch-3/debian/rules' 
will not be represented in diff
dpkg-source: building sensored in sensored_0.1.0-r1cnr0.dsc
dpkg-source: unrepresentable changes to source

I can build the package if I move the {arch} directory somewhere else. 
However, I am hoping I can simply add a flag to exclude it from the diff 
and everything will work as expected.

The next issue I have encountered is with tarballs which contain 
multiple directories at the root level of the tar, opposed to having a 
single directory which contains everything else inside. It seems I 
cannot specify multiple directories for DEB_TAR_SRCDIR -- If there is a 
way to do this, I would really to know. Presently, the only two options 
I seem to have to correct this is to either alter the upstream tarball 
or put a bunch kludge to my debian/*.files

Any help on these matters would be appreciated. Thanks!

-Ryan H.
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