[Build-common-hackers] Bug#474669: Bug#474669: cdbs: Please add DEB_DH_CLEAN_ARGS variable

Timothy G Abbott tabbott at MIT.EDU
Mon Apr 7 16:53:18 UTC 2008

If the upstream package's make clean target doesn't delete all the files 
that it is supposed to (i.e. all the files that it builds), one solution 
is to patch the upstream makefile's clean target to do the right thing, 
and another is to use dh_clean.

I have a set of packages that use autoconf, and the upstream doesn't ship 
a configure script and does not rm the configure script in their clean 
targets.  I can use DEB_AUTO_UPDATE_AUTOCONF to generate it with autoconf, 
but I don't want the auto-generated configure script to end up in my 
source package, so I'd want some code in the rules file to delete 

It's not particularly uncommon for software to not do the right thing in 
their clean targets, and thus I suspect others might find this feature 
convenient as well.

Poking around a bit on the CDBS gallery, I do find a number of rules files 
that have clean:: targets that rm a couple files built by the upstream 

 	-Tim Abbott

On Mon, 7 Apr 2008, Peter Eisentraut wrote:

> Timothy G Abbott wrote:
>> I think it'd be useful if CDBS supported a DEB_DH_CLEAN_ARGS variable that
>> would be passed to dh_clean, since I consider it cleaner than writing a
>> new clean:: target.
> What is the use case?

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