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Fri Feb 29 13:31:58 UTC 2008

PO Box 10720=0D
217 Strand =0D
London WC2R 1AP =0D
My Request.=0D
I Have a very important request that make me to contact you; I am  Mr. Ba=
rry Leonard, I found Your profile very interesting and decided to reach y=
ou directly to solicit your assistance and Guidelines in making a busines=
s investment and transfer of =A312.500000,000 (Twelve Million Five Hundre=
d thousand pounds Sterling) to your country  within the Next few days.=0D
I presently work as a senior Accounts Director, Offshore Mortgage &  Serv=
ices with Natwest Bank Plc, London. But at this moment, I am  constrained=
 to issue more details about this profitable Business investment  until I=
 get your response by mail.=0D
This transaction is totally free of risk and troubles as the fund is  leg=
itimate and does not originate from drug, money laundry, terrorism or  an=
y other illegal act, funds will be released to you after necessary  proce=
sses have been followed.=0D
Please take out a moment of your very busy Schedule today to respond  bac=
k if you are interested; please send your direct telephone numbers  throu=
gh  email  for an initial confidential  communication. I wish for utmost =
confidentiality in handling this  transaction.=0D
Awaiting your reply,=0D
Mr. Barry Leonard=0D
Snr.Accounts Director=0D

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