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Luciano Elias E Silva

Curriculum Vitae

EMAILS-    E-mail :lucianosilva at passaporte.org

luciano.elias at ig.com.br

Post-Graduate 	Master Degree in Urgency of Medicine-Paulista of Medicine School/São Paulo of Federal University 2006-EPM/UNIFESP (finishing 2008, december).

Specialization	Adult Intensive Care Unit Nurse Specialist-São Paulo University-USP-2003 (finished  on febuary, 2004).

Graduate	Bachelor Nursing and Emergency Nursing Habilitation at Santa Cruz of State University-Bahia-December, 2000.

Experiences	Nurse of Emergency at São Paulo Hospital University-Paulista of Medicine School/ São Paulo Federal University since july, 2001.
Co-ordinator Nursing in Adult Organ Transplant Unit at São Paulo Hospital University-UNIFESP 2006-08.

Assistant Nurse in Adult and Infant Bone Marrow collect and transplant at Intensive Care Centre-São Paulo Hospital University-UNIFESP-2005-06.

Assistant Nurse in Brain and Heart Strokes Treatment Centre at São Paulo Hospital University-2004-05.

Co-ordinator Nursing of the Diabetic Foot Program and Endocrinology of Ambulatory at Servant Public Municipal Hospital 2003-06.

Assistant Nurse in Clinical and Traum Acute Diseases in the Urgency and Emergency Room at São Paulo Hospital University-2002-04. 

Assistant Nurse of Clinical and Surgical Ward with Risk Patients at São Paulo Hospital University and of the Institute of Heart-São Paulo University-2001-02. 

Assistant Nurse in Childbirth Room and Obstetric Centre at São Paulo Hospital University-2001-02.

Assistant Nurse in Hemodynamic Room and Vasculary Cardiac, Lung and Renal Procedures 2002-03
Assistantial Nurse in  Family and Collective  Health Program in São Paulo City by São Paulo Federal University-2006-08.

Assistantial Nurse in Family and Collective Health Program in Porto Seguro City-Bahia-2000-01.

Scholarship holder Nurse-mananger at Intermediate Care Unit Neurological Patient of the Santa Cruz State University Hospital- Calixto Midlej Filho-Bahia- 560h-1998-00.

Volunteer Assistantial Nurse in Emergency at Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Ilhéus-São José Hospital-186h-1998.

Volunteer Assistantial Nurse in Emergency Unit at Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Itabuna-HCMF-204h-2000.

Volunteer Assistantial Nurse in Intensive Care General Centre at HCMF-204h-2000.

Volunteer Assistantial Nurse in Special Treatment Unit-STU Manoel Novaes Infant Hospital-Bahia-120h-1999.

Courses   Advanced Cardiac Life Support-ACLS- São Paulo Federal University-2005, december.

Urgency of Medicine Introduction- Paulista of Medicine School/São Paulo Federal University-2001.

Trauma: Take Care  before, during and inside Hospitals-Paulista of Medicine School-2001.

Introduction in Cardiovasculary Surgery Nursing-Paulista of Medicine School/ São Paulo Federal University-2001.

Heart-Lung Basic Life Suport at Bahia Intensive Terapy Society-1999.

 Congress    VI Medical Congress and III Nursing Congress of the South of Bahia-1999.

II Brazilian Take Care Pre-Hospital and Rescue Congress-Salvador-1999.

V Medical of Pré-Hospital Emergences and Rescue Congress-Salvador-1999.

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