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Sat Aug 1 15:49:34 UTC 2009

EMAIL:: berry.rajan at yahoo.com.hk

I am writing you this mail with the purpose that we go into partnership. I
am a solicitor Sir J. Paul Getty Jr., a philanthropist who passed on with a
sum valued 39.9 Million USA dollars out of the records of his written will.
I have all the powers/privileges as his solicitor and do want to file the
legal documents for the release of the money to you as the next of kin.

I wish to state that my reason for contacting you though we have not met is
because I have been in the legal industry as such has no business
experience nor managing charity home .Besides with the brief profile of
yours in the internet, I feel that you will be capable to handle this
project of great trust and benefit for the two of us. Therefore, I will
rely on you to assist me in the charity home and possibly in investing my
share in real estate. Out rightly, the money involved is quite a huge sum
as you know .I do propose that we use 20% for charity work, then 80% should
be shared on the percentage to be agreed between you and I.I am of the
suggestion that we have the 80% divided equally between the two of us, that
is:  you will have 15.84 million US dollars while I will have 15.84 million
US Dollars.

The source of the money, I had stated this in afore that a deceased client
of mine Sir J. Paul Getty Jr., had proposed that the money be used for
charity, unfortunately, before he died we did not make a written statement
to this effect in the will. You can read about Sir J. Paul Getty Jr.:


In your reply Please include:
1. Your full names
2. telephone+ mobile phone
3. Address
4. Age
5. Marital status
6. Occupation

With these information I will file the preliminary claim and estate
execution order so that we can start the legal process I will commence the
probate documentation immediately I receive your details.  Please send the
above information TO MY PRIVATE  EMAIL ONLY:: berry.rajan at yahoo.com.hk


Yours sincerely
Rajan R. Berry

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