[Build-common-hackers] good day

Rohaya mail at tpg.com.au
Mon Dec 7 03:57:17 UTC 2009

My dear, my name is Rohaya ,am in the hospital due to my cancer and my doctor told me that i will die in less three months time so as the treatments is going on am looking of a friend who can take up my charity project that I have be wanting to start but at this moment I cannot do it since I have a severe case of Esophagus cancer.I would like to leave my life savings for a humanitarian organization or an individual who s' willing to come up with a charity organization to cater for the less fortunes kids and orphans who have lost their parents due to natural causes and the person will take 20% of my funds and 80% will be used for the project.I grew up as an orphan and i don,t have family member or friend to trust to take care of this project.Like they say, the angel you know is worse than the devil you don't know. I will provide you with detailed information once you indicate your willingness.do get back to me (rohayahb at mail.com)

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