[Build-common-hackers] Bug#525849: Fwd: Re: Bug#525849: cdbs: call libtoolize with -i to install missing files

Mathias Gug mathiaz at ubuntu.com
Thu Jul 23 17:02:49 UTC 2009

Hi Martin,

On Sun, Jul 19, 2009 at 01:40:56PM +0200, Martin Pitt wrote:
> Can you please provide an answer to this? If this isn't relevant any
> more, I'd drop that delta from our cdbs packages as well.
> Thanks,
> Martin
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> Subject: Re: [Build-common-hackers] Bug#525849: cdbs: call libtoolize with -i to install missing files
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> On Monday 27 April 2009 17:12:12 Martin Pitt wrote:
> > Mathias recently fixed autotools-files.mk.in in Ubuntu's cdbs to call
> > libtoolize with -i to install missing files. I believe this is a good
> > idea to do in Debian as well.
> libtoolize -i affects the following files, as far as I can tell: config.guess, 
> config.sub, install-sh.  cdbs already handles the first two, and the last 
> should be unnecessary to update.  So what is the use case?

This was introduced in the intrepid release cycle with libtool(2.2.4-0ubuntu1):

  * New upstream release:
   - Fixes a number of small bugs and improves the reliability and
     usability of libtoolize.

I ran into this issue when trying to build openldap and discuss it on
ubuntu-devel on August 01 [1]:

[00:26] <mathiaz> is it normal that libtoolize --copy --force deletes
config.{sub,guess} but doesn't restore them ?
[00:26] <slangasek> not traditionally, but who knows with the new
libtool :)
[00:26] <mathiaz> slangasek: I'm running into this problem when trying
to build openldap on intrepid
[00:26] <mathiaz> slangasek: config.{sub,guess} are copied before
autogen.sh is run, and then the build fails
[00:27] <slangasek> that really sounds like a libtool bug to me, then

[00:41] <cjwatson> mathiaz: try adding --install
[00:51] <mathiaz> cjwatson: thanks - works well now :)

[02:58] <__keybuk> mathiaz: probably a bug?  try --install
[02:59] <__keybuk> ah yes
[02:59] <__keybuk> don't use --force without --install ;)
[02:59] <__keybuk> it won't do what you think

[1]: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2008/07/31/%23ubuntu-devel.html

Even though openldap doesn't use cdbs I was trying to build another
package that used cdbs and run into the same issue, thus the cdbs

Mathias Gug
Ubuntu Developer  http://www.ubuntu.com

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